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A very different Bookstore as all our books have come from Spiritual Origins i.e. from the Heavens. Books on all manner of subjects even on Dying. Why Not! After all, to be a Spirit and channel these books means you have had to die first. Interesting concept!

And now a few words from our special Guardian Spirit "Mariah"...
Welcome to the Website Bookstore of my friends Brian and Rue. We have been working together now since the year 2000 which is when the Heavens "flung their doors open" (a mortal phrase which I am becoming very proficient) and in that time have amassed over 50 books, first in paperback and now we have all joined the electronic 'age'.

If you wish to gain more information to better your knowledge on Spiritual matters, and be shown a way (amongst other subjects) to 'self diagnose' illnesses and ailments in yourself and others - then these books are for you.  Additionally you will be able to gain insights into the character of others that may answer questions about them that have been bothering you.

Happy Reading friends

Guardian Spirit - 2009